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  1. What should I expect?

    Expect to have fun!  First and foremost.  After you contact me and we get your session scheduled, I will contact you a week or so prior to your session to confirm and go over details, such as the exact time we will meet and where.  We can also discuss at that time any specific requests you have, outfit changes, or props you may want to use.  Also, if certain ideas of how you want your photos to look, please let me know!  I love new and fresh ideas and am game for anything.  If the session has children involved, you can let me know the kids' ages and any particular likes or dislikes.  It always helps to 'know' the kid ahead of time.

    The day of the session, we will meet at our pre-arranged location and just have fun!  We will let the moments happen and I will be there to capture them.  

  2. What should I wear?

    THE most popular question.  What to wear, what to wear for family photos.  

    My rule of thumb is to pick something that you think you (or your child) look good in!  You do not have to try to match every color to everyone else in your family.  Most colors go well together.  And, while there will be several family shots, there are also a majority of individual pictures as well.  

    Everyone always obsesses about matching perfectly (I know, I do it too!), but if you think about it, when you look at other people's family pictures, you rarely notice their outfits.  So pick something you like to wear!  Same goes for the kids.  Pick something that accentuates their features or their personalities.  It's all about capturing the moment!  

    A few tips?  Complimenting outfits look much better than matching outfits.  Bright, bold colors are fun.  Simple deisgns and patterns work best.  Nothing too busy to take away from the beautiful faces we'll be focusing on!  And last but not least, comfort is key.  We will be walking and active, so make sure you are comfortable!

    Also be sure to bring extra makeup (ladies), a brush, wipes (for kids and babies), and/or any pins or clips you may need for hair.  Don't forget the extras!

  3. When can I expect my pictures back?

    After your session, I will select and edit the best of the best pictures that were taken and put them all on a CD/DVD for you.  You will be notified via email (or other method if pre-arranged) when your DVD is complete and we can arrange a drop-ff time and/or meeting place.  This is typically no longer than 2-3 weeks from the date of your session.

  4. How many pictures will be on my CD/DVD?

    Every session is different, but for a typical full portrait session you can expect 40-50 pictures

  5. Do you have a studio?

    No. I tend to work purely on location with natural light, which is the (sun)light available at that time.  Natural light produces the most natural looking images and can highlight a person's true beauty.  

  6. What time of day will my session be?

    The best time of day that provides the most conducive natural light atmosphere is either 1 hour after sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset.  Depending on the time of the year, we will try to schedule accordingly.  Most sessions end up being late afternoon/evening.

  7. Where will my session take place?

    I have a list of places around the BCS area that are the most flattering and accomodating.  When you contact me to schedule your session, we will discuss and later decide on a location.  I can offer suggestions to you or if you have something in mind, we can discuss that as well.  Newborn photos typically are done in the client's home.  

  8. What do I do if it's raining the day of my session?

    When we make contact to confirm your session, I will give you my contact information and I will get yours.  Unless you hear from me, you will still come to your scheduled session.  Even if its cloudy, we will still go ahead as scheduled or sometimes even in between drizzles, we can make it work as resceduling can prove to be difficult.  However, if you are worried, you can always contact me the day of.  Otherwise, general rule is unless you hear from me, the shoot will go on!

  9. When is payment due?

    A $50 non-refundable retainer is due at the time the session is scheduled.  Your requested date is NOT secured until that retainer is received.  The payment may be mailed or delivered in person.  Arrangements will be made.  The remainder of your session fee is then due at the time of your session.

  10. What if I am running late or need to cancel or reschedule my session?

    It is vital that you are on time for your session.  If you are not prepared or do not arrive on time, it will cut into your available session time as we are limited to the lighting available at that time.  

    Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 10 days prior to the session.  However, there is no guarantee that there will be another available time that will suit you.  The $50 retainer is non-refundable, however, due to the nature of the business.  If we are able to reschedule, that fee will be transferred to your new date.  I do understand that things happen and emergencies come up and will try my best to work with you.  However, I cannot guarantee availabillity.  Also, I reserve the right to reschedule due to illness, weather, or other circumstnces beyond my control. 

  11. When I get my CD/DVD, can I print or share any image? Do you include a copyright release of the images?

    Yes.  Once you get your CD/DVD you may print, share, upload, or do anything with your pictures.  They are YOUR pictures.  However, I do ask that no major editing or alterations be done to the images without written consent.  These images reflect MY work and they should not be altered in any way.

  12. Will you use my pictures for advertising?

    By allowing Brandy Scott Photography to take your pictures, you are also therefore consenting to allow the business to use any of the pictures on this website, blog, marketing materials, or social media websites for the purpose of advertising. If you wish for your name or children's names to not be used, please let me know and I will honor that request.

  13. Does it cost less if I don't want the pictures edited?

    Images will only be delivered to you as a finished product, which includes editing.  The raw images are not available to the customer at this time.

  14. Where should I get my images printed?

    You pay for professional photography session, you should definitely have your photos printed professional.  I cringe at the thought of one-hour photo booths, so please let me recommend some wonderful photo labs.  Some of my faves are or  Both do wonderful work and are reasonably priced.  

  15. How do I schedule a session with you?

    You may email me today at to get in contact with me to schedule your session!  I can't wait to hear from you! 

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